A Sister's Love
A treasure that keeps for Always

What Sister's Share

What a wonderful time on a bright summer day,
Playing there with you,
Our babies, our strollers, there on the grass,
A tea party just for two.,

Our childhood days, memories shared,
That no one else knows about,
The two of us in the hot summer sun
Together, as laughter breaks out.

Pies made of mud, that you really believed,
Tasted as good as they looked,
One giant bite and that was enough
To know that we couldn't cook!

Nighttime memories, climbing the bunk
As the ladder came down,
You with a pillow sham on your head
Dancing around in your gown!

The floor was a swamp, alligator the game
Jumping from bed to bed,
Riding the coffee table, round and around
That was until you cut your head!

Bathing our babies, washing their clothes
Playing with them everyday,
Giving each other, memories to keep,
That time can not take away.

Sitting on the concrete step
Playing under the tree,
Often there was no one else,
It was just you and me.

Roller skating in the garage,
Pretending we were on ice,
Twirling circles at a certain place,
Jumping, giving each other advice!

Grocery shopping with the buggy,
Playing jacks on the floor,
Waking up early everyday
So we could play some more.

The mailbox was our drive through,
The perfect place for a bank,
Sometimes it was McDonalds,
Where we ate and drank!

There's nothing I can't remember
When I think about the days,
Two little bright eyed children
Ran, and romped and played.

I wouldn’t trade my Memories
For anything I know,
There's something about you Sister
That makes my heart still grow.

I loved you from the beginning
I connected with you on the spot,
I loved to teach you all the things
You wanted to learn or not!

It has been so great for me
To watch you all these years,
Connie, if you look real close,
My Love is like it appears.

Copyright 2007 Barbara A Patterson

Connie, I Love You
Happy Sisters Day! August 5, 2007

A Sister is a Forever Friend