Memories Kept inside the Heart,
Can Never be Erased.

Paper Dolls And You

From the arm of Granny's chair,
My eyes would watch as she prepared;
A string of Dolls from Paper.
I would wait for her to make,
A set of dolls that wouldn't break;
Her Steady hand would shape her.

A Pair of Scissors A Lot of Skill,
Snipping Corners there Until
Dolls would soon be forming
Dancing Dresses in the Breeze,
A Set of Dolls with so much ease,
Soon appeared without a warning!

Granny's Hand made the dolls
That couldn't be bought in the malls
Happy memories forever made,
I'll never forget the simple way,
She made the dolls so I could play
Or of the Love I'd never trade!

Gran, For all the Hours of Fun,
For Making me the Lucky one
For sharing time with me,
I Love you Far beyond the words,
That go unsaid, & are never heard,
I hope that you can see.

It wasn't just the dollies there
That you would make for me to share
That left prints in my heart
It was Love and Many Hours
Of unseen hands, unseen powers,
That gave me a strong start.

I would like to Thank you Gran,
For giving me all you can
The Faith I need to see,
Someday soon, I know it's true,
We'll play again Me & you,
Forever in God's Eternity.

In Loving Memory of Granny Carey

copyright Barbara A Patterson 2008