Memories of Grandpa Patterson
When I was a little girl, Sitting on his Knee,
I remember how his eyes twinkled down at me.
He would give me Cherry Mash candy every time
I would sing a song for him as In his lap I climbed.

I felt really special, Cause Grandpa with his skill,
Took the time, & with his hands, didn't stop until.
He had finished making my wishes all came true,
Saying "Child, Come & see what I made for you!"

Every now & then, with a hammer & a nail,
He built me dolly furniture I still remember well.
A cupboard for my dishes, a highchair for my baby
Playing in the sunshine, with the things he made me.

I guess when we are little there's a certain place,
Our hearts store information, time does not erase.
When we need to visit, places from our past,
Our heart can pull those memories, really very fast.

That's how I keep him close each and everyday,
Visits in my memories, make him not so far away.
Grandpa is no longer here, his workshop now is quiet,
The Love he left lingers on, & money couldn't buy it.

copyright Barbara A Patterson 2000
For Grandma Patterson
Walking With The Angels

In the Land of Angels,
There's Peace that is so Sweet,
Walking with The Angels,
By the Throne at Jesus' Feet.
Hear the Birds there singing,
A Happy Song Of Praise,
Echoing through the Promised Land,
On Shores as Angels Play.

Walking With the Angels,
In a Garden of Fresh Flowers,
Oh We Will be so Content,
Strolling There For Hours!
What A Wonderful Time We'll Have
When We All Make it Home,
Walking With The Angels,
We Will Never Again Feel Alone.
copyright Barbara A Patterson 2016