My Gran
In Loving Memory of Leona Williams Carey

Across the Hills and Valley’s,
The Mountain’s and the Shores;
Family memories, Forever etched
That my Heart does not Ignore.

I, a brown eyed baby,
Dressed in rows of lace;
Trusting, ever trusting,
Are the Memories I retrace.

Granny had a place for me,
Right upon her lap,
If I closed my eyes on her
I’d always catch a nap.

She was soft and Supple,
A happy place to be,
She played Giddy up a horsey
And bounced me on her knee!

Granny knew just how to cook
Oh the noodles she could make,
I’d walk in and she would say,
“Sis, go get a plate.”

As I grew I knew that I
Would someday be like her,
I didn’t really know just how
I just knew it would occur.

Then One day when I woke up,
And looked into the glass,
I could see it in my soul,
I had some of Granny’s Sass!

I know how to live the Bible
Because of things she shared,
I know where to find safety,
If ever I am Scared.

Granny is a living memory,
My Heart holds onto that,
I can have her always near me
No Matter where I’m at.
copyright Barbara A Patterson 2006

My Papa
In Loving Memory of Grover Cleveland Carey

Papa’s memory, not so clear,
He died when I was two,
But I could sing for just a quarter
Every song I knew.

His Favorite one was always
What Would the Robin Do Then,
I’d get to the Poor thing part,
My Papa’s eyes would Grin!

I remember kindness,
And his overalls of blue,
How he smiled & had a spark
My memories just a few.

Memories fade into the night
My Granny & Papa gone,
I’ll always have a place for them
As I continue on.

I find Strength inside the places,
Where my thoughts often go,
I can linger in my memories,
No one has to Know.

I can visit with my loved ones,
In a sea of memories,
Until we are together.
& Once again, a Family.
copyright Barbara A Patterson 2006