My Dad
The Hero In My Life
For many years you've been the man, I treasure most of all,
There's not a time I can remember you weren't there when I called.
Hero's sometimes do not know, What other's clearly see,
This world would not be the same, without Hero's in Families.

You've provided for me since I was first born, to this very day,
There's nothing you wouldn't buy me, or give me when I say.
Dad, or Pa, or Father, those are magic words I've learned ,
How to get just what I want, or need, or don't deserve!

It's the little things you've done, Like taking me to the lake,
Teaching me how to fish, how to put on my own bait!
When you took me to the woods, to "catch" my little deer,
I knew right then you loved me, I heard it really clear!

I knew the Hero in my Life, came with shoes just your size,
No other one could ever fill your place inside my eyes.
You're the Best Dad anywhere, If You looked high and low,
You'd not find another man, & I wanted you to know.

Forever and For always, down this highway we call life,
No matter where it takes us, In happy times or strife.
You will be the Hero, that I'll count on till the end,
We will make new memories, I'm your daughter & your friend.

I Love You Dad!
copyright Barbara A Patterson 2003
Dad's Love and Guidance,
Gives me what I need
To Be a Better person
Learn in Life how to Succeed!