My Mama
When I was just a tiny girl,
My hair was dark with lots of curl.
You prayed that I would look this way,
God sent me down so we could play.

As the years have turned the clock,
I’m much too big for you to rock.
So God just made our hearts connect,
Then gave us memories to reflect.

The happy times that we still share,
Have grown beyond the rocking chair.
Now our hearts are bound as one,
Thank you Mom, for all you’ve done.

The words I love you seem so small,
Look in my heart & you’ll see it all.
For all you give, and still give to me,
You’ve made me become all that you see.

copyright Barbara A Patterson
I Love You Mom
My Mama Loves me with all my faults
Fills my Life with Forget-Me-Nots

Whenever you are lonely, feeling sad or blue,
Close your eyes & think of me,know I love you too.
Whenever you are happy, & the sun is on your face,
Feel my arms around you, in a warm embrace.
Whenever you should need me, I will be right there,
You will feel the love you need any time,
Any place, .....any where!
copyright Barbara A Patterson

My Mama's Eyes

Sparkling like a Diamond, With Beauty that is Rare,
Shining down with Secrets, Mom's & Daughters Share.
Certain Tiny Images, Gleaming from her Eyes,
Of Heartfelt, Happy moments, Tenderly Disguised.

Shimmering Reflections, Of a Baby on her Knee,
If You Look Real Closely, This is What you'd See.
Curly Hair, a Chubby Face, Always Looking In,
To see the Light, in the Eyes, Of her Dearest Friend.

Seeking to Find Wisdom, When Life becomes a test
Understanding in a moment, that Mama Knows what's best.
There is but a Trickle, Of a Tear that Sometimes Falls
When she must Carry burdens that aren't hers at all.

Like The Little Oyster, With the sand, it makes a Pearl,
A Priceless gift of Beauty, A Mama Makes Her Girls.
Gleaming of Perfection, with Love Behind Her Eyes,
By Far the Greatest Treasure, Comes as No Surprise.

Echo's of her Silence, Make The Sparkle seem To Grow,
Her Eyes hold Conversation with the Windows in My Soul.
copyright Barbara A Patterson