Winter's Silence is Broken, at the
Awakening of Spring

An Angel Just for You

When You Hear The Angels Whisper,
At Night While You Are Sleeping,
Or Softly Hear The Songs Of Praise,
When Your Heart Is Weeping.
Close Your Eyes, Just Drift Away,
On The Clouds Of Tiny Chatter,
See the Angels Playing There?
Your troubles no Longer Matter!

For Awhile The Burdens Lifted,
They are Smiling As they Sing,
For On This Cloud Is Joy & Peace,
Can You Hear the Laughter Ring?
When You Hear The Angels Whisper,
Please Come And Go With Me,
Leave Behind Your Heartaches,
Take Her Hand And You Will See.

Drift with the Little Angels,
It will all be clear to you
The answers that your seeking,
Will come into plain view
With the tiny Angel, the spirit learns To Mend,
She's Patches Up Our Broken Harps,
So, You & I Can Sing Again!

copyright Barbara A Patterson 2008